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Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game for iOS and Android created by « Supercell ». Fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago with boom beach hack. The fight becomes a race to harness the ancient powers hidden


The Tank is, of no surprise, the main troop of this attacking strategy. Damage is the Tank’s main strength. A level 15 Tank inflicts a very high 1638 damage (barring troop damage boosts). This places them as the troop that deals the most damage per shot. Most buildings will quickly fall with a few shots. Health is also a key strength, as befitting an armored unit. A total of 5,270 hitpoints allows them to take a lot of punishment. Most defenses would take a long time to deal major damage. Tanks also have a very long range. They can outrange Flamethrowers, just like Zookas. Machine Guns and Cannons have a better range, but Tanks will be on the edge.


However, the rate of fire is very slow. Tanks are the slowest shooting troop, at 3.5 seconds between shots. This equates to roughly 17 shots per minute. The high damage generally allows them to destroy buildings with few shots, but the large delay allows them to take more damage. Speed isn’t pleasant either. Tanks are also the slowest unit. This means that Headquarters located in the back of an island are partially invulnerable, as the time in an attack may run out.

The training parts are also a major downfall. Level 1 Tanks cost 8,000 gold per unit. This is more expensive than almost every other troop. The time to load a single one onto a Landing Craft is long. A hefty 24 minutes leaves a lot of waiting time should a tank be lost in a battle. The size they take on a craft is 8 spaces; the second largest of all the troops.

Tanks don’t deal the most damage when compared to 12 Zookas or have the health of 6 Heavies, but they are still pretty decent.  Alone, overall performance is generally better than other troops. They can last even longer when they are supported, with other troops.


Tanks are easily capable of crushing bases alone, but support and assistance makes them even better. Medics are the perfect troop to do this. Their power to heal other troops quickly means that damage from low damaging buildings such as Rocket Launchers, Mortars, and Machine Guns can almost be ignored entirely. Single-shot defenses cannot generally be outhealed, although the time for them to kill can be reduced by them.


The Medic is the only troop that does not deal damage. In exchange, they are the only source of healing, aside from Medkits.  Their « damage » is fairly impressive. Medics can heal a maximum of 30 Health Per Second. Health is moderate; max level Medics have 1,162 hitpoints. This allows them to be killed quickly by most defenses, but their location behind other troops generally prevents this. Range is rather short, although it is good enough to allow them to stay safe behind other troops. Rate of fire is fast, at 1 second between « shots ». This allows them to heal other troops quickly. It is also splash, letting multiple troops to be healed at once.

An important handling note is that they do not follow Flares. Instead, they follow injured troops and if none are hurt, they’ll follow the closest one. This makes them near uncontrollable, although it is still manageable.

Training is generally manageable. A total of 12,000 gold is required to train one maximum level Medic. The time to load one is bearable as well, at just 10 minutes. Space isn’t a major concern, but somewhat high when compared to most other troops. At 5 spaces, a maximum of 4 can be loaded onto a single Landing craft. This means that, per craft, the maximum HPS is 240. Most units will quickly recover.

Of course, Medics require more conventional troops to be successful. When paired with the right units, they can be almost unstoppable.

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