The Athens of the North

The Athens of the North

The magical city of Edinburgh is home to the most memorable magical experiences to date. If you are a fan of old castles, and ghostly folklore then it is never a bad idea to head on over to Scotland and explore this enchanting city. The stunning cliffs alone are worth the trip as you will meet breathtaking sights with 50 shades of green.

Situated in Scotland’s Central Belt in northern Europe, Edinburgh is a cultural paradise with the unforgettable backdrop of spectacular countryside. It is two cities in one with a distinct contrast between the narrow, meandering, cobblestone streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town and the boulevard heavy neoclassical New Town.

Dance at the Festivals

There are over 12 major annual festivals held in this city; each featuring music, dance, entertainment, and spectacular displays of culture. The Fringe Festival is the most famous, and the biggest art festival in the world. If you time your trip correctly, you get to see thousands of performances that range from comedy to theatre to dance and music.

In August, over 25,000 artists populate the city with over 1,000 shows per day. Expect mind-blowing entertainment and a spectacular display of nightlife during this period. Film-lovers get to experience the Edinburgh International film festival, while book lovers enjoy the Edinburgh International Book Festival. There is a festival for everyone in this city.

See the Castle

Once a medieval fortress, the Edinburgh Castle is a historical relic that turned into a significant tourist attraction. It rises above the Edinburgh skyline as an iconic symbol of Scotland. This 12-century architectural marvel is the perfect place to start learning about the rich history and culture of Scotland.

From the outside, you will see an enchanted panoramic view of the city that is particularly breathtaking at dusk, and dawn. The inside is home to the Crown Jewels that you must see. A trip to the castle is not complete without a ghostly whisper here and there; it is one of the world’s most haunted places and is often the subject of paranormal investigations. Look out for a supernatural tale.

Come For The Food, Stay for the Whiskey

Though it is not widely known, Edinburgh is one of Europe’s award-winning cities from a culinary standpoint. This city has a lot to offer in terms of savoury endeavours, and there are even more options for traditional dishes. Haggis is the epitome of Scottish pride, and there is not a place that serves it bad.

A few clicks from the Edinburgh Castle, you will find the world’s foremost whisky museum. It is home to the world’s largest private collection of Scotch whisky. Here you will tour the museum and learn about the delectable golden nectar and how it is made. Best of all, you get to taste this national drink at the end of the tour. If you want more, head out for some with a night on the town.

Sit On the Throne

Your tip should end at Holyrood Park where you will take a short but worthwhile hike up to Arthur’s Seat, a hill with excellent views of the city. This magical view offers an outstanding panoramic view of the town that draws out a magical feeling.